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Do the products have ex-stock?

Yes. We have ex-stock for our products unless they have been sold out or are made to order.

Products that are out of stock or are made to order generally take 2 weeks to be ship out.

How long does it for me to received my products?

For Singapore customers, the products will be delivered within 3 days from shipping date.

Are your products made with real leather?

Our products that are made of real leather are clearly indicated in the product description.

If you are unsure, feel free to reach out to us to clarify!

Why is the leather texture is not smooth and uniform?

This is because our leather comes from natural hide of the cow with minimal industrial processing.

In fact, the natural imperfection of the full grain leather is what gives it its character and appeal.

Will your products last long?

If the leather is properly maintained, a good leather products can last up to decades!

How to ensure the leather's longevity?

Leather is like our skin which requires good routine maintenance to retain its best conditon.

Generally, we recommend you to moisturise your leather goods with quality leather oil once a month.

How do your keep the price low while maintaining premium quality in the products?

We eliminate unnecessary expenses, such as, marketing and maintaining physical shop, and pass the cost saving to you.

Where is your store?

To keep our price low, we do not have any brick and mortar store.

Where are your workshops?

Our workshops are located in several neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

Can I do custom embossing?

Currently, we are overwhelm with the orders and will not be able to provide customisation services. However, we are working hard to ramp up our production capacity so that customisation will become available!

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